Q  &    A

  1. Where is it located?

  2. What form of government does it possess?

  3. What are the current territorial divisions?

  4. Who is the president of New Potato Land?

  1. Lincoln, Nebraska/ USA

  2. Federal Republic (Federal Republic of New Potato Land)

  3. Draig Tatws, Tatws Hoyw, Tatws Bach -excluding embassies.-

  4. Josiah Welch.

Laws of New Potato Land

        New Potato Land law is used in conjunction to The U.N.'s Human Rights and U.S. national law. Any violation of these laws may lead to removal of privileges.

1. No one shall be commit any homosexual activities or exert any homosexual behaviors.

2. any firearms are permitted(U. S. law) with a license from NPS(National Personal Security.)

3. No one shall invade others property.

4. No one shall exploit their sexuality for financial gain.

5. Murder of life that is genetically human is deemed unlawful.